The Journal’s First Page

At times, beginning a new journal can be quite a daunting task.  At times, I ask myself, “Will this journal be a specific type or a catch all?”

When I started Journal Appalachia, I wasn’t sure what course this journal would take.

Living in the heart of Appalachia, I started taking photos of my home and posting them.  I then realized I was journaling my own version of Appalachia.  These photos depict what I see of the region and how I feel toward it.  These feelings are nothing short of dreams, hopes, realities, disappointments, and at times, anger.

Some may agree with my photos and posts while others may not.  We were all created with free will.  We will NEVER all agree on everything.  We weren’t meant to.

With that understanding, I hope you enjoy my journal.  Maybe you will be inspired to start your own.  We all see things with different perspectives.

No one else should write our story.  Our story is best known to us, the true Appalachians.

Be your own voice.

Journal your own vision.





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